About me

Helping others find ways to manage and overcome anxiety and achieve their goals is a hugely rewarding role I feel very fortunate to have. I am a registered, accredited clinical hypnotherapist and Solution Focused Coach, with years of postgraduate psychology training, corporate experience supporting multinational business development teams, and a lifetime of fascination with neuroscience and mindfulness.

Having long ago left behind a career in news journalism, I am still in awe of words and language, and how they can be used to help us to heal and grow.

My broad experience across both creative and corporate industries shapes my work – from professionals battling work stress and insomnia, to teens and young adults struggling with exam anxiety and low self esteem, and new parents struggling with the new anxieties and pressures that come with parenthood.

My story

My own story of transformation owes a lot to psychology and psychotherapy. As a young teen I struggled with low self esteem and disordered eating. Through therapy and personal practice I learnt to build a more positive relationship with my self and respond differently to situations that caused me to feel anxious and stressed.

What I learned and practiced was life-changing in helping me to develop confidence in myself, and gain a sense of control over my thoughts and emotions. My own journey fuelled my passion to help others to effectively manage anxiety and stress.

Becoming a parent has also fuelled my interest in how self-compassion, mindfulness practice, and techniques that harness positive focus can support a happier family life. I have worked with family support charity Home-Start Bristol for several years, supporting parents to reconnect with their own strengths and resources, and build confidence to meet their own needs and the needs of their families.

Beyond practice hours, I enjoy reading up on the latest developments in neuroscience, and attending courses to help grow my skills and knowledge in hypnotherapy and solution focused coaching. I love writing and creating, and often consolidate my thoughts and learning in my blog (read it here).

I believe that the more nurtured the therapist, the more nurtured the client, so I recently helped launch a holistic community for therapists from across the UK to seek support and connection with other therapists (You can find out more about Choice Therapies here). My interests include long walks, gardening, theatre, meditation, curling up with a book, and going on adventures with my family.

I have several years of postgraduate study in psychology, including a Masters of Science in Psychology, where I led a research project on the use of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy in the management of chronic pain. I trained in clinical hypnosis with the nationally regarded Clifton Hypnotherapy Practice, and certified in Solution Focused Coaching with world leading Solution Focused Brief Therapy training provider, BRIEF International. In addition to regular supervision, I practice mindfulness exercises daily and am committed to ongoing training in neuroscience, solution focused coaching and psychotherapy.

I am registered with the British Psychological Society, the National Council for Hypnotherapy, and the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and as such adhere to their ethical guidelines and codes of conduct in my practice.

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