Food addictions & weight management

Typically food addictions involve binge eating behaviors, cravings, and a lack of control around food. Symptoms of food addiction include:

  • getting cravings despite feeling full
  • frequently eating much more than intended
  • frequently eating until feeling completely stuffed
  • feeling guilty afterwards, but repeating the binge eating behaviour
  • rationalising binge eating behaviour
  • difficulty with self control
  • eating in secret
  • unable to stop despite physical problems such as weight gain, acne, bad breath, fatigue, and poor dental health

How can our sessions help?

We begin by demystifying the neuroscience behind food addiction and binge eating, supporting you to gain an understanding of, and in turn a greater sense of control over, what is happening in your brain when you crave food; when you just can’t say no to a second, third, and fourth cookie; or when you find yourself reaching for another snack without thinking.

We then use several solution focused tools and techniques to support a shift in focus away from food, and towards the strengths and resources you have to draw on to achieve your goals. Finally, where appropriate, we can use meditative techniques to support you to lower your general level of anxiety, as anxiety can be a key trigger for binge eating. These techniques also help support you to build motivation, self confidence and self esteem to keep moving in the direction you would like to go.