Insomnia (sleeping difficulties)

Those struggling with insomnia often experience some of the difficulties with sleeping listed below:

  • struggling to get to sleep
  • waking up through the night
  • waking up early, unable to go back to sleep
  • feeling tired after waking up
  • struggling to nap through the day despite feeling tired
  • feeling tired and irritable
  • finding it difficult to concentrate

The above symptoms can cause distress and impact social functioning and overall quality of life.

How can our sessions help?

We begin by demystifying the neuroscience behind sleep, including why we need sleep, what happens when we sleep, and how we can support better, more effective sleep. We then work through various evidence based solution focused tools and techniques to shift focus from sleep towards the strengths and resources you have to work towards the version of yourself that enjoys better sleep. Finally, we use clinical hypnosis techniques to lower your general level anxiety and support you in developing a personalised ‘better sleep toolkit’ to use beyond the session.