Issy Martin has quite simply helped me to change my way of thinking in an extremely positive way. Her intelligent, compassionate manner coupled with the clarity with which she explains how the therapy works made me feel at ease from the beginning. She made me feel relaxed and calm and in a place to work through how I could make changes for the better. As soon as I attended sessions I began to feel more happy and confident which has seemed to permeate through everything I do. I loved the deep relaxation of the hypnosis created by Issy’s soothing voice and have slept better since I started seeing her. I feel so much more in control of my life, peaceful but energised. Her passion for her work and her knowledge of solution focused hypnotherapy made me trust her from the start. And after only 8 sessions I feel my life has changed for the better.Heather Williams

Working with Issy has been a revelationary experience and highly enjoyable. Her friendly, calm, generous and positive client-centred practice has helped me to re-interpret, re-model and release anxieties I have experienced and enabled me to refocus and transform my responses to these challenges and my life in general. She created a safe, relaxed but stimulating space in which I could work through the changes I wanted to make, and in which I could literally ‘work out’ my mind in every way. Her explanations of how our brains work have graphic clarity and are communicated with informed intelligence and enlivened empathy. The relaxations are restorative in every way. After eight sessions I feel strengthened and empowered by the experience and newly focused and energised on a re-discovered positive way forward in my life.David Straun

I had a number of sessions with Issy to help me to deal with some stresses I was experiencing in my life. I found it hugely helpful to talk through those things, to be listened to without judgement and to identify where things were going well and the resources I have to change my situation. The relaxation is like a reset button, whilst deeply relaxing, it left me feeling energised and like no issue is insurmountable. Thank you!.Katherine O’Halloran

I would highly recommend Issy Martin. She has helped me enormously to get a handle on some long-term anxieties I had. She was really good at explaining how the brain works and how I can stop un-healthy thought patterns and create new ones. She took great pains to tailor her support to my specific needs. Issy is very approachable and provided a no judgement, safe environment in which to share my thoughts and feelings. The meditation exercises were deeply relaxing, leaving me reinvigorated and better able to process some of my thoughts. I’m reluctant to stop the sessions as I can see how the same process can be used in other areas of my life!! Thank you Issy. – Kate Taylor

Following on from my course of sessions with Issy I am now able to relax and get good quality sleep. Each session was a very positive experience and Issy gave me valuable tools I didn’t realise I needed which I continue to use every night. I wholeheartedly recommend Issy as a hypnotherapist.Sarah Harlin

It is not an exaggeration to say my sessions with Issy have been life changing. Our sessions covered lots of areas but the biggest impact was on my confidence to make decisions and to feel like I am able to take control of my situation. Thanks to them, I went into conversations I was dreading and felt positive about the experience, ultimately getting what I needed out of them. I left a negative job, I felt stuck in and found an amazing new job that I never thought I would get!
Issy’s sessions help me dig deep and feel empowered, positive and capable in a way I haven’t felt in a long time. I am genuinely grateful for what I have learnt with Issy and think I use it almost everyday
. Bea Gelder

Issy has provided such fantastic and valuable support for our almost 11 year old who was suffering with anxiety and trichotillomania. The change in his confidence and wellbeing has been wonderful to witness. With Issy’s calm and caring support and multi-layed approach he has developed skills to manage the urge to pull his hair and to reflect on and build his self-belief and coping stratagies for stressful situations and has learnt techniques for relaxation. I know that the effects of this work with Issy will stay with him and provide him with invaluable coping resources throughout his teen years and into adulthood. Thank you Issy. Parent in Bristol