Thanks to the power of the internet, I’m able to offer clients from across the world support in managing anxiety and stress. I also offer late evening online sessions (via Zoom) so that you can get clarity, relax, and achieve a positive mindset before you sleep.

Our sessions together are positive collaborative, and relaxed. We work together to identify what you would like to achieve. With your goals in mind, we use evidence-based therapeutic techniques to help you feel calmer, more confident and more focused, so that you feel better able to manage and work through any challenges in your life.

Our first session is an initial consultation and assessment, where we explore what you would like to achieve, and discuss any questions or concerns you have. This initial session includes a Guided Meditation MP3 that you can enjoy relaxing to at home before our next session.

Each session lasts an hour. The number of sessions you need is guided by you. Some clients need as few as 3 or 4 sessions to get to where they want to be, however 8 to 12 sessions are often necessary to achieve real, long-lasting change. Each session we check in with how you feel you are progressing, so that you don’t pay for one more session than you need. Please read my Fees page for further details. Click here to read recent client feedback, and read my latest blogs here.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a combined therapy, that uses elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neurolinguistic Programming, Positive Psychology, Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Clinical Hypnosis to help people manage anxiety and stress effectively to improve their overall quality of life. The techniques we use help you to build your understanding of what’s going on in your mind that is making you feel anxious or stressed. The exercises we practice help you to shift your focus so that you can build your confidence and belief in your capacity to make positive change. Hypnosis (trance) helps you to relax and achieve a calmer mindset, and give your mind space to process the positive work you do in session.

Hypnotherapy and Solution Focused Coaching are both safe, reliable, effective methods for treating many problems. There are no harmful side effects, and both approaches are suitable for almost everyone. If you are unsure whether Hypnotherapy or Solution Focused Coaching would be suitable for you, and you have questions or concerns, check out the FAQS here, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch or call 0117 251 0178.