Blogging burnout? Take a blogging holiday

When I became a blogger, it was to consolidate my learning, to get down ideas that struck a chord, and paint them with my own language so that I could better embed them in my own thinking. To create with words again, thoughts tumbling through explorations of language before settling on the page.

After I became a blogger, I was reminded of the power of words in bringing together global communities; resonating together, sharing, soothing, educating, discussing, learning, exchanging creativity across and around the world in some sort of beautiful dance.

After I became a weekly blogger, I began to feel myself being sucked away from creativity and expression; and towards reliability and productivity. I wrote ‘Write blog’ on my reminders list. I punished myself with artificial deadlines, piling pressure on to the chaos of family life. Trapped inside the cage of my own schedule, guarded by the advice of blogging experts banging the ‘little and often’ drum. Writing started to become a chore. No tumbling thoughts. Squeezing out ideas, like the last bit of toothpaste. Depleted. Frustrated. Tired.

So I took a blogging holiday. I shut my computer. And I did more of the things I love. I talked to my husband. I played with my children, I slept. I laughed. I cooked. I read. I worked with clients. I stepped back. I wrote a diary with pen and paper. A blog-free month.

And now I’m back. A blogger again. Not a weekly blogger. Just a when-there-is-something-to-write-about blogger. Rekindling my love of writing. Enjoying words again. Trusting ideas to bubble out and onto the page with no rules, no deadlines, no schedule. Sporadic, creative and authentic. And occasionally on holiday.

Do you have any

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